IAP2 is an international member association which seeks to promote and improve the practice of public participation or community and stakeholder engagement, incorporating individuals, governments, institutions and other entities that affect the public interest throughout the world. IAP2 is the leading public participation Association in Australasia and IAP2 Australasia is the largest IAP2 affiliate in the world.

As an international leader in public participation, IAP2 has developed tools that are widely used and acknowledged. These are the Core Values for Public Participation for use in the development and implementation of public participation processes; and the IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum which assists with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any community engagement program. And, the Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement, is recognised as the international standard for public participation practice.

IAP2 Australasia is committed to advancing the practice of community and stakeholder engagement through education, advocacy and building partnerships.

Submitting to IAP2 Australasia

Through this portal, you can submit to the following programs (once they are open):

  • IAP2A NZ Symposium Abstract Submission (opens October 2022, closes 17 November 2022)
  • IAP2A Core Values Awards 2023 (opens February 2023, closes April 2023)


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